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The people, who do not want to waste much time in setting up the profile, will highly like the features of Tez. Every feature of Tez looks handy and flexible. To encourage the business owners, Google has started a separate campaign. With the introduction of Tez in India, it is pretty sure that digital payment structure is going to be the future of India.With the introduction of 4G internet services in India, the Indians are greatly appreciating the digital solutions and services to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Nowadays, each and everything is maintained efficiently on the online platforms. Starting from the food delivery to bank transactions, every activity is perfectly managed with an internet connection.

Keeping this thing in mind, Google India has launched an innovative digital payment solution named Tez. This is a mobile application for digital payments, which is specially designed and developed for the Indian market. On Monday, Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, launched this innovative digital payment application in a press conference. The Finance Minister stated that Tez is going to be the ultimate face for digital bank transactions in India.

The main objective of this Digital payment solution is to reduce the unnecessary stresses and issues while maintaining an online bank transaction. Google has efficiently designed all the features according to the Indian market. With the help of Tez, you can directly manage the transactions from your banks, without paying any transaction charges.

Google Tez App Features

You can now easily pay the money to the local vendors, split the bills among your friends, and can also send direct money to your friends and clients. Tez is maintained on the UPI (Unified Payment Interface) platform, to ease the transactions directly from the bank accounts without any delay.

Tez app

Previously, the Indian government has also launched Bhim application on the UPI platform. Apart from Bhim, the most popular digital wallets Paytm and PhonePe are also maintained on the UPI platform. The UPI platforms are directly regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and thus efficiently facilitate the instant transfer of funds between two accounts.

The main advantage of designing the digital payment applications on the UPI platform is, it enables the transactions and payments on the mobile platform. Google has added a unique tagline with Tez – “Money made simple.” As per this tagline, it is confirmed that Google has put its best technologies to assure proper simplicity for the bank transactions.

Unlike other digital payment applications, you do not need to create a separate account to manage transactions with Tez. All you need to do is, just link your Google account with Tez. Well, it is mandatory to have a Google account to use Tez. Google has partnered with the leading banks in India – Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and SBI to facilitate the operation and engagement of Tez application.

Again, to ensure proper distribution of TEZ in the Indian market, Google has maintained distribution partnership with the leading smartphone brands like LAVA, Micromax, Nokia, and Panasonic. With this partnership, it is pretty sure that Tez will be inbuilt on these smartphones.

Install Tez App

If you are an Android user, you can directly go the Google play store and can download the application. The application is around 8 MB and will download in some seconds with good internet connection. For iOs users, the application is available on the app store, and the size of the application is around 55 MB.

tez app official

As compared to the existing digital payment applications in the present Indian market, the size of TEZ is bit bulky, but there is no issue in downloading the application. Once you downloaded the application in your phone, you can open the app and run it directly. The welcome page is maintained with language setup.

As per your convenience, you can set the languages and can access the Tez application. Popular Indian languages like Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Hindi, and English are available on Tez. After setting the preferred language, you have to enter your mobile number.

Make sure that the mobile number is active and is registered with the bank account. The mobile number and the Google account will be automatically verified by SMS OTP methodology. Now, you will witness the shield feature of Tez. To avoid all the fraud activities with Tez, Google has linked Tez with your screen lock.

You can also create a unique Google pin to access the Tez. After completing all these steps, now you have landed on the home page of Tez. The user interface of Tez is designed as per chat based UI. It looks very simpler as compared to the other digital payment apps. On the center of the screen, you can witness the option for cash mode.

Well, this is the main attraction of the Tez. Now you can go to the settings and can add your bank details and other necessary information. You can easily modify the language, privacy, security, and log – in & log – out features from the settings.

tez apk

Tez Apk

1. Tez shield

To prevent hacking and to detect fraud, the Tez shield works 24 * 7. Tez shield is a security suite of Google. The shield mainly includes Google pin or screen lock for application access and UPI pin for transaction access. Apart from that, the shield also includes fraud detection engines via machine learning modules. In case, you are facing any difficulties; you can directly contact the support team through chat or phone. The support team is always ready to resolve the issue of the users.

2. Cash mode

Indians do not like many complications while paying and receiving the money. Keeping this thing in mind, Google India has designed the cash mode. With cash mode, you can directly receive and pay the amount to another Tez user. You do not have to provide any bank details or name, simply if the user is nearby, you can manage the transaction.

3. Pay anyone in your contacts

Tez application automatically syncs with your contact list. If you want to transfer the money to any of your contacts, then you can simply search for the contact in the search functionality. You do not have to add any details of the receiver if he/she is on your contact list. For transactions out of your contact list and Tez users, you have to add the user and bank details.

4. Online and offline transactions

You can maintain a simple transaction with anyone, who is ready with a UPI setup. To ease the online transactions, the UPI is designed with faster modules. Again, by scanning the QR code, you can easily manage the offline transactions. All the transaction history will be available in a chat format; thus you can easily keep track of every transaction on Tez.

5. Tez Business

For business purpose, Tez has designed a separate module. The enterprises can create their business channel on Tez. Through the channel, the enterprises can directly send necessary offers to their customers and can easily manage the payment with mobile app payment features. Entire transaction will be protected by Tez shield.

6. Rewards and surprises

For referring every new user to Tez, Google will pay you Rs. 51. The reward will be directly sent to your linked bank. Apart from that Google has also introduced Tez scratch card. With every transaction, you will get scratch cards, and there will be maximum ten scratch cards per week. A surprise reward worth up to Rs. 1000 is associated with every card. And in a financial year, you can earn up to Rs. 9000 with the scratch cards.

The rewards will be directly sent to the bank accounts. There are two types of scratch cards. The blue cards are designed for both sender and receiver while the red cards are specially designed for the senders. The red scratch cards are also termed as Lucky Sunday card, as they will unlock only on Sundays. Every week, the sender will receive a red scratch card as per the transactions. By scratching this Sunday card, the users can avail a reward up to Rs. 1 lakh from Google.

So, now you have got some basic ideas regarding the Tez application by Google. Definitely, with such luxurious features, it is going to cover a large market share in India. Again, as it is developed by Google, it is considered as one of the safe and reliable digital payment application in India.

If Tez will be compared with other digital payment apps of India like Bhim, Paytm, and PhonePe, then it will stand out of the competition. The cash mode and reward structure are going to attract some Smartphone users. Apart from that the easy setup and chat-based user interface are also some of the major attractions of Tez.